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A very interesting article appeared in the Wall Street Journal recently! This Wall Street Journal article was close to home. A family in MD (construction family) with all their millions failed to have a simple stipulation agreement when shopping for bank/investment advisors. They should have consulted with your firm for a small fee and you could have navigated these treacherous waters for them!!! I am in awe that this family did not have a legal team like we did! It is unbelievable! You may want to keep this article and provide it to future clients as to real pitfalls with estate planning and how to navigate them.  This was an unsolicited client comment.

The mission of Arnett Law is to satisfy our clients by providing them with the highest degree of quality estate, tax, and business legal services possible. We do this by constantly keeping abreast of changes in the law and in estate, tax, and business planning strategies, and by working closely with our clients and their financial advisors.

Our estate planning goal is to assist our clients to achieve their objectives while to maintaining control, protecting their personal and business assets, passing their estate on to their loved ones, preserving the largest estate possible and minimizing relevant taxes as well as other costs.

We approach each legal project with skill, innovation and personalization to address the client's needs. When you are presented with a trust, estate or business counseling need, it is important to work with a law firm that is solutions-oriented and whose instincts have been honored over time.

Our clients are largely referrals from satisfied clients and other professionals that we have worked with over the years.

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